Thoth inspired Tarot decks

Our Thoth inspired and Thoth based tarot decks are more than Thoth clones. They are original modern art yet esoteric depictions of tarot archetypes and symbols. Thoth clones merely copy the art of Lady Frieda Harris who illustrated the Thoth deck. Similarly, so many artists today copy the ideas in the RWS art of Pamela Coleman Smith.

Thoth-based or Thoth-inspired decks will usually use the naming conventions of Crowley’s Thoth deck. For example, the Thoth deck renamed the Strength card to Lust, and the Justice card to Adjustment. The Thoth deck also changed their numbering, making Lust trump XI (eleven) and Adjustment trump VIII (eight). This is opposite to the RWS convention. The World card expands to become The Universe.

Most importantly, the Judgement card is not only renamed as The Aeon. It also should illustrate the perspectives of the Thelemic trinity: the gods Nuit, Hadit, and Horus. These three figures replace the “zombies arising from their tombs” on the RWS Judgement card. Yet similarly they correspond to the three primary elements of water (Nuit), air (Hadit), and fire (Horus). In this case though these elements also reference the aeons of Isis, Osiris, and Horus. The aeons are periods of human development that encompass thousands of years.

A good Thoth based deck will offer unique reinterpretations of tarot from the Thoth perspective without copying the art. The best Thoth inspired decks also incorporate Thelemic concepts into the art and symbolism, referencing the tenets of Thelema and the spiritual tarot teachings found in the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley.

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