Tabula Mundi Tarot – MID SIZE 4×2.6″ COLOR


Tabula Mundi esoteric Thoth based Tarot, Manus Perfectus edition: mid size cards 4×2.6″, the perfect size for shuffling and for smaller hands. 78 tarot cards plus 79th card signed by the artist. Holographic backs!

Tabula Mundi Tarot is an esoteric tarot, a Thoth based tarot with all original art. The edition Manus Perfectus is the mid size color version of Tabula Mundi. It is signed by the artist but not numbered. The deck contains all 78 traditional tarot cards plus a 79th signature card (signed by the artist) with a Color Scales Rose emblem with a silver foiled key. Cards have full color fronts, and awesome state-of-the-art holographic foil backs. (play the "We Happy" video above to see them in full glory!)

The boxes are two-part and made of rigid material, wrapped in a deep luscious red paper with a slight texture and sheen and and a distinctive silver foiled quartered cross symbol. Boxes are lined with a matching ribbon lift in double-faced satin. Cards are 4x2.6 inches - "manus perfectus" or hand-perfect - the perfect size for shuffling.

Optional expansion pack is available as an add-on that fits in the box.

The decan expansion pack contains 14 cards: 12 astrological cards that combine the cards of all three decans of each sign, an alternate Lust card In Nomine Babalon, and a Tree of Life Minutum Mundum diagram. © 2014-2023 M.M. Meleen This link says more about the optional decan expansion pack. Ways to use the decan cards in the Tabula Mundi expansion pack – Tabula Mundi Tarot

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