Frequently Asked Questions

Payment methods: We accept Paypal, Venmo, and most major credit and debit cards.

Store location: We are an online store only. Orders ship from the state of Massachusetts in the USA, which is on the northeast coast.

Shipping: We ship USPS First Class, USPS Ground Advantage, and USPS Priority Flat Rate. Priority is the faster service. All methods will provide the customer with a tracking number upon shipment. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Shipping costs: Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of your items and your location. For smaller items, the weight based First Class/Ground Advantage is cheaper, but Priority is faster. For larger orders, Priority Flat Rate can be cheaper AND faster, as it is Flat Rate no matter the weight.

To see your shipping options and what it will cost to ship the items in your cart, just begin the checkout process and enter your location. You can then see the choice of available shipping options before committing to the order and paying. Average US orders usually currently ship for $10.20 (2023 pricing) or less for small items under 13 ounces, and international orders can be anywhere form $15-$45 dollars depending on location and weight.

International orders: We ship to most locations that USPS ships to, at our discretion.

We ship USPS First Class and USPS Priority Flat Rate. Priority Flat Rate is the faster method. First Class is slower than Priority. First Class can be less costly for smaller orders, but since it is weight based it can actually cost more than Priority Flat Rate for larger orders. We recommend Priority for faster service. Both methods are tracked.

International customers are responsible for any and all customs fees and taxes charged for imports. International customers must be aware whether these items are allowed to be shipped to their location – we are not responsible for confiscated shipments and they will not be refunded.

International shipments can take anywhere from 10 days to up to 8 weeks to arrive, depending on location, shipping method, and other factors.

I’m not in the US. Will there be a customs charge on my package? Many countries charge an import fee for purchases made outside of the home country; some do not. It is the customer responsibility to research if there will be a fee and what the rate is, as it differs from country to country and the laws in each change over time. Your local post office should be able to direct you to more information. 

Can you mark my international package as a gift so I don’t have to pay a customs tax or fee? No, we are sorry but we cannot mark your package in any other way than as merchandise, with the value as the cost of the item.

My package has not arrived and the tracking hasn’t shown updates for a while. Can you contact USPS for me? We are sorry but we cannot contact USPS on your behalf. If this is a US order, you can contact your local USPS office for assistance.

If this is a non-US international order, please be advised that USPS transfers responsibility for delivery to the postal service of the country of the package destination address, so contacting USPS will not yield much helpful information. Once the package leaves the US, USPS is no longer the delivery agent. Contact your local postal service with the tracking number for assistance.

Sometimes the tracking number won’t show activity for a certain period of time. This is normal, especially for international orders where customs processing occurs.

Please be patient. While some international packages can take up to eight weeks, most arrive sooner.

But do check your tracking to avoid the package being returned to us. Sometimes when there is a customs issue, the notice to the customer does not arrive. Customs will only hold a package for about ten days before returning it to sender, so check your tracking weekly.

If the package is returned to sender because the customer did not pick it up from customs, we can resend it after it returns to us. However, you will have to pay for the shipping. Or, we can refund the cost of the items, as long as they have returned to us intact. The journey back is long, so please check your tracking weekly to avoid this!

Do you sell wholesale? We can do some very limited wholesale, as long as the customer has a US shipping address. Because we print in small batches and do much of the assembly in house, we are only able to accommodate smaller discounted wholesale orders at this time. Please contact us for information.

I want to send a gift to a friend. Can you leave the receipt out of the package? Yes, if you let us know in the “instructions” box during checkout, we are happy to remove the receipt and/or add a gift message. We will even gift wrap the package!

Returns: We do not accept returns for refund.

Damaged or defective shipments: In the event of defects that render an item unusable, or items damaged in shipping, please provide evidence and the product may be exchanged for a replacement.

I lost a card, I spilled on it, or my dog ate it: Your dog has good taste! Please contact us to see if we have a replacement card available, making sure to mention deck name, edition, and size. We can’t always guarantee that we will have a replacement card, but will try to help.

Where are your decks and books printed? All of our products are printed in the USA. We try to have everything manufactured as locally as possible, to support local economy and reduce freight distance. Our boxes are made in our home state of Massachusetts, and the final assembly of the ribbon linings is done in house.

I saw your decks for sale on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. – are they legitimate or pirated? We only sell here at Unless someone is reselling a used deck, if you see them for sale at any major location they are most likely pirated, unauthorized copies, and thefts of the artist’s intellectual property. Please report them to the retailer and/or let us know so we can. Thefts will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

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