Tabula Mundi Majors Tarot altar deck – EXTRA LARGE 4×6.25″


Tabula Mundi Tarot limited edition Extra Large 4×6.25″ Major Arcana cards, postcard size and perfect for tarot altar display.Color version with silver foil attribution symbols is SOLD OUT. Black and white version of the line art ink drawings to enjoy as is or color yourself: still available.

This is a Majors only tarot altar deck. Tabula Mundi Tarot - Majors only deck is limited edition tarot perfect for your tarot altar. It comes in an edition of 495 in color with silver foil, or 499 in black and white. Signed and numbered by the artist. Color card backs are cream colored with a black design, black and white decks are all black and white. Attribution symbols on color decks are cold-stamp embossed with foil.

Includes 22 cards of the Major Arcana plus a signature card with Golden Dawn titles on the color version, and Golden Dawn color scale colors on the black and white version.

Color version has the attribution symbols done in silver foil, both Hebrew letter and alchemical or astrological glyph. Black and white version can be used as is or for a "color your own tarot deck" experience.

Cards come in a stardust band with a wax seal in a stardust envelope.

Cards are 4x6.25 inches and have rounded corners

Note this is a Majors Only edition in postcard size. For images of the cards and more info see the page "About our Thoth inspired tarot decks".