Rosetta Tarot Large with Book of Seshet


The Rosetta Tarot is a Thoth based esoteric tarot, and here it is offered as a set with its companion Book of Seshet. We call Rosetta Thoth-based and Thoth-inspired rather than a Thoth clone, as it has lots of original tarot illustrations. Previous limited editions sold out! Due to popular demand it is now back in a new larger 5×3.25″ size. It has updated borders that now have the attribution symbols and a gorgeous new color that glows and brings out the stunning Golden Dawn colors in the art! The beautiful rose-cross card backs are now printed with metallic ink that has a subtle sheen.This set comes with the Book of Seshet, the 240 page guidebook to the Rosetta Tarot. This deck and book set is a good introduction to Thoth-based tarot in general, covering the basics of Astrology and Qabalah specifically as it relates to tarot. It’s 101 for Esoteric Tarot!

The Rosetta Tarot is a Thoth based tarot and a Thoth inspired tarot, first published as an indie limited edition deck in 2011. It's an indie tarot deck which means an independently published tarot, as it comes directly from the artist. Rosetta Tarot is much more nuanced than a Thoth clone, as more of the cards are new interpretations. Previous limited editions sold out, but it is now back in a new larger 5x3.25" size. The updated borders now have the attribution symbols and a gorgeous new glowing color! The beautiful rose-cross card backs are now printed with metallic ink that has a subtle sheen.

The Rosetta Tarot was M.M. Meleen's first tarot creation, originally published in 2011, and winning "Best Tarot Deck of 2011" by vote of the Aeclectic Tarot audience. It's a Thoth based esoteric tarot deck, one of very few that is both faithful to the Thoth tradition yet with original and new art.

The Rosetta Tarot is unique in that each suit was created with a different art media that best expressed the qualities of the element, tied together with the media of the Majors. The Major Arcana were painted in acrylic, the most versatile medium with all the flexibility of the Major Arcana meanings. The Wands suit was done in colored pencils (little wooden wands!) and acrylic. The Cups were done in watercolors and liquid inks, plus acrylic. The Swords suit was done in dry point etching, etched into plastic and metal plates with a sword-like stylus, then run through an ink press. The resulting black and white prints were painted in acrylic. The Disks suit was done in oil paints - pigments made from earthly elements - and acrylic.

If you know the Thoth deck, or want to learn more, this is the perfect user friendly introduction and a sweet little deck all on it's own. While some of the cards will remind you of their Thothy counterparts, the majority go their own way completely yet will open up new meanings for the Thoth user. If you love esoteric Tarot, art decks, and tarot decks with hand drawn art, you will love the Rosetta!

The deck comes with a customizable significator card for YOU to customize with your name, plus a card signed by the artist. The significator has the scribe goddess Seshet, writing upon a gold foiled cartouche where the name goes. Note we cannot customize the significator that comes with the deck as it is shrink-wrapped with the cards.

You can optionally add an additional extra blank significator to customize, or for a limited time, ask the artist to customize it with your first name written phonetically in Egyptian hieroglyphs. First name will be based on shipping name, or you can instruct us when ordering but only ONE name or ONE word will fit.

Cards come in an indigo blue box with a gold Egyptian ankh symbol, lined with dark blue satin ribbon.

The Book of Seshet by M.M. Meleen is the guide to the Rosetta Tarot, and a gateway to learning the symbolism of Thoth and Golden Dawn based decks. Seshet, feminine counterpart of Thoth and Mistress of the House of Books, will be your guide to the mysteries of Tarot, Astrology, and the Tree of Life.

It provides a user-friendly introduction to the complex disciplines of Astrology and Qabalah, and an exploration of Golden Dawn tarot structures. Like its namesake, the Rosetta Tarot provides a key, and the Book of Seshet uses that key to unlock some of the secrets of the Thoth deck and other Golden Dawn based tarot decks.

Fully illustrated with a six page color insert and black and white depictions of all cards.

Want to see some reviews of the Rosetta Tarot? Here are some reviews of a previous edition, the Papyrus edition. The only difference is this new edition has English titles and is in a larger size.

Please see the link in our header menu "About our Thoth inspired tarot decks" for more images of the Rosetta Tarot and information on the Book of Seshet.