Thoth based Tarot Deck and Book set

Our Thoth based tarot deck and book set will upgrade our indie tarot deck offerings by pairing an esoteric modern Thoth based tarot deck with its companion tarot book. Our tarot books will not only explain the symbolism in our Thoth based and Thoth inspired tarot decks, they will also introduce you to tarot correspondences and the building blocks of esoteric tarot.

These books will teach you how to read with our unique tarot decks and interpret their specific symbols, but they also offer more.

You will understand more about how the Thoth deck influenced modern and traditional tarot. But they also will teach you about things that are essential to esoteric tarot study. Things like how astrology and the zodiac are incorporated into tarot. How Kabbalah, or more appropriately spelled hermetically as Qabalah, is part of the structure of Golden Dawn based tarot. Alchemy, mythology, philosophy, and world religions all influence tarot and are part of the stories of the cards.

With our tarot deck and book sets you will learn about Thoth based tarot, but also learn about esoteric tarot correspondences. With this strong tarot 101 foundation, your intuition has a solid stream of occult knowledge to draw from, and you will become a better tarot reader.

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