Book of Seshet – Rosetta Tarot guidebook


The Book of Seshet is the 240 page guidebook to the Rosetta Tarot. It’s also a good introduction to Thoth-based tarot in general, covering the basics of Astrology and Qabalah as it relates to tarot. It’s 101 for Esoteric Tarot!

The Book of Seshet by M.M. Meleen is an introduction to Thoth-based tarot. It's the guide to the Rosetta Tarot, and a gateway to learning the symbolism of Thoth and Golden Dawn based decks. Seshet, feminine counterpart of Thoth and Mistress of the House of Books, will be your guide to the mysteries of Tarot, Astrology, and the Tree of Life.

It provides a user-friendly introduction to the complex disciplines of Astrology and Qabalah, and an exploration of Golden Dawn tarot structures. Like its namesake, the Rosetta Tarot provides a key, and the Book of Seshet uses that key to unlock some of the secrets of the Thoth deck and other Golden Dawn based tarot decks.

Fully illustrated with a six page color insert and black and white depictions of all cards.

Signed by the author!

Soft cover perfect bound book 8x5x.75 inches. 240 pages with 6 page color insert. © 2011 M.M. Meleen. Published by Atu House. ISBN 978-0-9840010-0-2

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