Book M: Liber Mundi – Tabula Mundi Tarot guidebook


Book M: Liber Mundi is a Thoth based tarot book, the full guidebook for the Tabula Mundi Tarot cards, but so much more. It’s a valued companion for understanding the Thoth deck too, and all Thoth-based and Thoth-inspired tarot decks.

Book M: Liber Mundi by M.M. Meleen is a Thoth based tarot guidebook. It's the 240 page guidebook to the Tabula Mundi Tarot, yet so much more. Book M gives valuable insight on the Thoth based tarot system, emphasizing the relationship between the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot. It explores how the corresponding planetary and zodiacal tarot Majors directly influence the Minor Arcana cards 2 thru 10 through the decans of the zodiac and their planetary rulers.

With the Aces as the point at the center of a cosmic circle of the zodiacal decans, you will take a ride on the wheel of tarot. Explore the "Memory Palace" of the court cards, and the four elemental powers of the Sphinx that unify in mankind creating the quintessential power To Go.

When you read Book M: Liber Mundi, you will encounter a new perspective as the artist and author discusses discusses symbolism covering a wide range of topics encompassing mythology, religion, history, alchemy, Qabalah, Thelema, and astrology. This book is essential for a deep dive into not only the Tabula Mundi Tarot, but all Thoth-based and Thoth-inspired tarot decks.

©2015 M.M. Meleen. Published by Atu House. Printed in USA. ISBN:978-0-9840010-1-9. 8x5x.75 inches, soft cover bound book, 240 pages. Fully illustrated with images from Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux edition.

Signed by the author!

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