FOR INFO ONLY; please order from first page listing that includes guide. Rosetta Tarot in full size is back, reincarnated with the Papyrus GOLD edition. This numbered edition of only 220 copies has retained the original art but updated the borders with the look of authentic papyrus, with GOLD FOIL borders around the art and the card titles hand written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Comes with a matching satin bag, an authentic papyrus deck wrap, a satin and wax seal box wrap, a hieroglyphic key card for translation, and a customizable significator card for your name, plus a card signed and numbered by the artist. For a limited time artist will customize your first significator FREE upon request (subject to discontinue at any time) or you can do for fun with the included guide. Shipping first name will be used if none provided. A second significator is an optional add on. Pdf instructions on reading and writing the hieroglyphs and Pdf "little white book" free with purchase; link will be emailed.

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Rosetta Tarot full size PAPYRUS GOLD

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