Tabula Mundi DECAN EXPANSION PACK free shipping
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14 card expansion pack including 12 decan cards, new Lust card, Minutum Mundum color scale reference. All cards have silver foil accents. FREE SHIPPING. These are shipped as a letter.  FIRST CLASS NON TRACKED and thus at buyer's risk. If you want Priority Tracked shipping, you will need to purchase with another product so they can ship together. You can add these to the purchase of Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus for only $11. Going forward the box size of TM has been increased to more comfortably accomodate the extra cards, so if you order a new TM with these, you will get the larger box. While they may just fit in your existing box, you can also opt to store them in the embossed silver envelope provided.

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Tabula Mundi DECAN EXPANSION PACK free shipping

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