Tabula Mundi BABALON edition
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Babalon edition of Tabula Mundi strictly limited to only 156 copies. Only those who are called to her, In Nomine Babalon. This edition has bright mirror like silver foil accents on the fronts of the cards, in addition to the hologram backs. It has 93 cards in total: the 78, the Color Rose signature card, a Minutum Mundum, an all new LUST card depicting Babalon riding the Beast, and the 12 "secret zodiacal decan cards" as referenced on page 77 of Book M: Liber Mundi.

But these cards are also handmade works of art by the artist, each one unique. Each deck comes in a never before seen "corset and garter" wrap set. The 78 cards come in a lace up corset, and the extra cards in a satin garter. Every set is handmade and done in a slightly different combination of colors and materials. Every one is made of satin, metal, and fine art paper hand selected by the artist for its sensual feel reminicent of silk and skin. All are unique combinations of Babalon and Binah colors of Scarlet, Crimson, Ruby, abd Black, some with metallic accents.

The boxes are deep enough to accomodate the extra cards, and match the crimson of the Colores Arcus boxes but have a silver foil Babalon Star sigil and come tied up in satin with a seal of molten wax. The LWB's have a red foil Babalon sigil and are bound with a whip like multi strand braid in colors to match.

The sets also come with a ruby bag in heavy grade satin, with dual whipcord drawstrings hand tied with fancy lanyard knots and with the cord ends sealed in red wax and consecrated in the name of Babalon.

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Tabula Mundi BABALON edition

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